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If You Think A Permanent Roofing System Is Too Much...
Wait Until You Pay For A Temporary One.

Welcome To The Never-­Have-­To-­Worry-­About-­It-­Again
Home Improvement Company and Your
Permanent Roofing Specialists.

The Big Difference

Guaranteed Price Contracts. There’s never a surprised when we give you a quote that’s it and we give it in writing.

Cleaner Than We Found It. We clean up as we go... and when we finish, we'll leave your home in Maid-Like Condition.

Warranties Up To 50 Years. You’re warranty is only as good as the installation. Our Installation is So Good We Offer Warranties most cannot.

Savings Up To 30%. Low Overhead + Volume Discounts + No Commission = Means You Can Get A Permanent Roof For 25 to 30% LESS

No Job Too Big or Too small. You’ll get the Same Attention to Detail regardless of the size of your project.

Don’t Be Fooled By “Pole Barn” Siding Being Sold As Metal Roofing. It’s not.
And Don’t Be Fooled By “Two Guys And A Truck” Contractors Quoting Low-­Ball Bids and Warranties With “Unforeseen” Condition’s – “Conditions.”

Hi, I’m Guy Cleveland, and I started Big Horn Home for a reason; to provide home owners with the absolute best products, fair pricing, with unmatched expert installation. When most contractors are happy to hire anyone with a sticker on the side of their truck and a hammer, I’m not. I have my own employees, and I will never subcontract to anyone. Every installer working for me is knowledgeable, professional, experienced and accountable.

An Alarming Trend...

Lately, I’ve started seeing contactors using “pole barn siding” as permanent roofing... it’s not. These cheap imitations have thousands of screws, which sooner, and not-so-much-later turn into thousands of holes. It’s not a question of IF... it’s when. Now, take a look at our permanent roofing system. It carries an unheard of 50 year warranty for workmanship, durability, and appearance. Cheap products have cheap warranties, and have more holes than a pole barn roof. So be careful.

Pricing That Can’t Be Beat.

We get volume discounts, pay no sales’ commissions, and keep our overhead low. Then, we pass these saving on to you. This can save you up to 30%. And, we guarantee your price in writing.

It’s also important to know that I’m constantly on all of our job sites to make sure everything is perfect. And, when we’re done... I make sure the job site is cleaner than when we started. Lastly, every job we do is treated as if it’s the only one. We treat you with respect, and you’ll never feel pressured to buy anything from us ever. That’s a promise.

So, whether your home improvement project is a complete remodeling project, new siding or just a couple of windows, I’ll make sure your home is as beautiful and energy-efficient as it can be. Call us today at: (307) 738-2332.