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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is vinyl?

A. A predetermined mixture of polyvinyl chloride, stabilizers, colorants, UV inhibitors and impact modifiers.

Q. How is vinyl fence made?

A. The ingredients to make vinyl are mixed, heated and extruded into lineals similar to lumber. These pieces are cut to size, and holes are routed and assembled to the desired fence style.

Q. How is my fence put together?

A. A fence can be mechanically fastened together using screws to assemble the posts, rails and pickets;(which is not a preferred method) or, it can be routed and the pieces are inserted into holes equally spaced from the edges so the fence is "neighbor friendly" or identical in appearance from either side. (Through the rail construction and routed post mounting is much stronger than the mechanically fastened method)

Q. Will my fence turn yellow?

A. Your fence has a high level of UV inhibitors (Ti02) which prevents the sun's rays from turning your fence yellow. You must keep your fence clean as grime from the elements can turn many colors.

Q. Will my fence mildew?

A. Mildew grows on organic materials and vinyl is a non-organic material. Mildew, will, however, attach to dirt if the vinyl is not cleaned.

Q. Does vinyl expand or contract?

A. Vinyl will break with a significant impact such as an automobile. Very cold weather also makes vinyl slightly less flexible and more brittle. Vinyl expands and contracts because of heat, unlike wood which expands because of moisture. A contractor will allow for expansion or contraction in the installation process.

Q. Does vinyl have a warranty?

A. Yes, a limited lifetime warranty which is transferable.

Q. How do I clean vinyl fence?

A. With mild detergent and water. More stubborn stains can be removed with Simple Green.

Q. Will my fence stand up to wind?

A. Vinyl fence is produced to stand up to specified wind loads if installed according to instructions.

Q. What will a weed eater do to my vinyl fence?

A. Direct contact with any lawn equipment can damage vinyl, aluminum or wood products. Use caution when operating equipment that could scratch your fence.

Q. Could my fence crack, rot, chip or peel?

A. No, unless abused.

Q. How are fence posts put in the ground?

A. It depends on the soil. In certain parts of the country dirt can be packed around the post if the hole is deep enough. Although, cement is recommended in a hole which is dug twice the diameter of the post. Some route the bottom of the post so cement can flow into the post.

Q. What is the cost of a vinyl fence compared to a similar design in wood?

A. The cost of material is approximately two times that of wood. However, you must consider installed cost. There is no filling, sanding, or painting, especially on railing products. And, low maintenance is required for a lifetime. Just spraying and brushing with soap and water will keep your fence looking good for a lifetime.

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