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Drastically Lower Your Energy Bills
With A Super-Efficient Permanent Roof By
Gerard USA Metal Roofs
And Big Horn Home Improvements

You may not realize that permanent roofs are actually less expensive than regular roofs thanks to huge energy savings. Many people like the benefits of permanent roofing, but feel like they just cost too much. Here’s a reality check: Nothing could be further from the truth!

As reported by the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, installation of reflective metal roofing can save your home up to 40% in summer cooling energy costs while highly emissive metal roofs can reduce urban air temperatures by as much as 12 degrees F.

In most cases, this actually makes the roof less expensive than asphalt shingles when considered over a 5 year period. If you consider a 30 year time frame, metal roofing is up to 4 times CHEAPER (based on energy savings and no need to replace it). These benefits mean less money out of your wallet, less dependence on energy resources and less general air pollution in your neighborhood and across the nation.

Regular Shingles Suck Heat Into Your Home.
Metal Shingles Reflect Heat… Cooling It Down.

The secret to metal roofing's energy savings is in its variety of finishes. As shown below, the basic, unpainted metal roof will reflect much of the solar radiation usually absorbed in your attic and home by an asphalt roof. In the summer time, pre-painted or granular coated metal roofing systems not only reflect solar energy, but also cool your home by re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed.

Do Your Part To Help The Planet.
A Permanent Roof Is A “GREEN” Roof.

  • Reduce Waste: Over 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into US landfills every year… A beautiful new metal roof can be installed right over the old asphalt one, so there’s no need to discard anything. Plus, since the roof will last forever, it will never end up in a landfill (and the materials are recyclable if it ever is discarded).
  • Recycled Materials: This is a roof you can feel good about… about 56% of the materials come from recycled content. Every ton of steel that is recycled saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. Steel made from recycled materials uses as little as 26% of the energy required to make steel from raw materials.
  • Saves Energy: Your new metal roof will make your home more energy-efficient by up to 30% or more… which means less energy burned to heat and cool your home… which means you save money while saving the planet. Your home will also maintain a more constant temperature, which means you’ll also be more comfortable while you’re helping the environment!
  • Feel Good About Yourself: We’d all like to do our part to help conserve resources and save the environment… think about how much better you’ll feel when you know that you’re contributing to a better tomorrow for your children and grandchildren. Your new metal roof can be a significant step in your overall conservation plan.

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