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Trapp® Storm Doors:
Over 60 Years Of Guaranteed Storm Doors

“Manufacture the best products possible, price them fairly, and be sure the needs of our dealers and their customers are always a top priority.” — GEORGE W. TRAPP

This comment sums up the Trapp family commitment to continuous quality and innovation since 1930. In 1943, as the business grew, the Trapp family moved their business to a factory in Redford Township, changing the name to George W. Trapp Company. And, so it began, the company manufacturing storm windows and storm doors and selling wholesale.

In 1950, Trapp® began welding storm doors and storm windows with a heliarc weld that has the strongest guarantee in the industry. Since that time, well over one million Trapp® Storm Doors have been installed on hundreds of thousands of homes.

Today, with the addition of steel and fiberglass entry doors, Trapp® products are truly a fusion of form and function. Their focus on energy efficiency goes hand-in-hand with a wide selection of exciting styles and colors. In fact, here are (10) reasons why you should choose Trapp® Storm Doors:

  • Trapp® Heliarc-Welded Corners will never sag or separate like screwed-together corners.
  • Trapps® Powder-Coated Finish, or baked-on finish is durable, easy to maintain, and available in 13 colors.
  • 4 Interlocking Hinges: The recessed hinges interlock with the edge of the door, providing superior performance.
  • Four Self Lubricated Bearings per hinge reduces wear and provides smoother operation throughout the life of the door.
  • 1 ¼ “ Thick Frame: Rigid, .062" heavy gauge aluminum is superior to wood-core construction storm doors, which can separate and warp over time.
  • Non-Glare Screens: All doors come with a Trapp® fiberglass screen which resists tears and will not dent or crease like aluminum screens.
  • Heavy Duty Closer: One heavy duty hydraulic closer provides smoother operation than two air closers, allowing for a safety spring to protect the door and closer from wind damage.
  • Choice of Hardware: Offers a variety of handle styles and finishes to fit any home design. Interior hardware is available in black or white.
  • Tempered Glass: Every Trapp® Storm Door is built with tempered safety glass, including all custom sizes.
  • Pile Sweep: More durable than traditional vinyl sweeps. Their pile sweep is flexible regardless of weather and won't get brittle and tear like vinyl.

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